Friday, November 13, 2009

What can you do with spearmint leaves?



spice or flavoring


spearmint oil

What can you do with spearmint leaves?
When you brew tea soak them in there for a lil bit for some flavor. Or there are some dessert recipies that call for some. Also makes a good garnish. The natural oils in mints help aid in digestion. That's why they always give you mints after meals in restaurants.
Reply:put them in tea/iced tea or use them as garnish for desserts. You could also make mojitos!
Reply:I've heard that you can dice them up fine and sprinkle them in your doorway to keep out ants and mice. Supposedly they hate the smell.
Reply:Puree a few of them in a food processor with honeydew vanilla yogurt and a little honey to make a cold soup.
Reply:use them in tea, with some honey...
Reply:You could also chew on them, cheap breath freshener.

Make a good Mint Julep.

Dry them out and make tea.
Reply:tea, maybe gum?
Reply:chew on em, put em in jellies, garnish fruit plates, use with lamb (if your into that),use your imagination.
Reply:Use it as an air fresher
Reply:smoke em
Reply:Mint Juleps and iced tea mmmMMMmmm
Reply:You can make some good tea :)

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