Monday, November 16, 2009

How do I winterize my herbs?

I heard somewhere that I should take my herbs %26amp; transplant them into pots %26amp; bring them inside. I have Chives Peppermint Spearmint Orengano %26amp; Rosemary. Can you tell me which ones can stay outside %26amp; come back next year %26amp; which ones have to come in this year? I'd really appreciate it thanks!

How do I winterize my herbs?
All of your herbs are winter hardy. In fact, I am overrun with oregano that winters just fine. Many of your herbs are members of the mint family and are known for their hardiness. In fact, if mints are not contained they can take over your entire garden. My chives just keep on growing, not problem with winter. You don't have to take any of your herbs indoors but you can if you want to. Leave your herbs in the garden and take cuttings indoors to have inside herbs. As for your outside herbs, just cut back and mulch heavy...they will do fine. I have all the same herbs and I really don't even have to mulch...they are winter hardy, Rosemary might be the only herb that won't make it because it is an annual. However, I leave mine alone and it reseeds itself and spreads. I have already taken cuttings, dried the herbs and have all I need for winter. I also grow basil which is an annual and will be dead at the first frost. I am taking the basil up now and making basil oil for cooking and drying basil for sauces.
Reply:chives peppermint and spearmint should over-winter

oragano and rosemary need brought inside

Reply:Here in Florida they will all do just fine outside.
Reply:Depending on your winters they should all be fine in the ground outside. I live in the mountains and all of these survive the winter. Basil is the only herb I have to start from seed each spring. If you bring them in they will need a sunny window or grow light.

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